Elixir is in the air!

I’ve been hearing about Elixir over the past year and some change now. Always here and there though. And usually met with a skeptical curiousity with no time for philosophy of syntax. While the curt ‘tude serves as filter for most noise behind the “shiny new tools” din that comes with our accelerated age of technology, this signal has persisted. Today I finally dove deeper than the surface to hear about it.

I love stories, and this really engaged and informed me. I understand why people are tagging it heir to a future seat at the tech table. As for the actual technology behind it, the story tellers have been awaiting it’s arrival. Elixir is something that could be orchestrating swarm intelligence technologies

I wonder how that impacts technologies used by Law Enforcement and citizens.

If you have a chance, catch Minority Report.


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