Elixir is in the air!

I’ve been hearing about Elixir over the past year and some change now. Always here and there though. And usually met with a skeptical curiousity with no time for philosophy of syntax. While the curt ‘tude serves as filter for most noise behind the “shiny new tools” din that comes with our accelerated age of technology, this signal has persisted.

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Electricity & Magnetism At Play Everyday

Let’s talk fundamental physics. Electricity and magnetism are usually referenced in an inanimate context. Today let’s rather think about how the living human body can be described as an electro-magnetic objectoffractalnature. Electricity If you have ever beenshocked the idea of electricity in the body should come as no surprise. However, what maybe surprising are the profound implications of this simple

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Javascript and React-Native

I observed a conversation recently around The State of React-Native *opening scene* Actor#1:Knowing React native is fine. But please, also learn either Swift or Kotlin if you wish to stay relevant. Compilers/ coding suites that make separate cuts for different platforms are fads that come and go every cycle leaving you with a pile of tech debt Actor#2:Agreed. Javascript is

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