Unity through reparations

Amazed that he undershot this. He could actually endorse and promote mass shooting and not lose any voters. Thus the only thing that beats Donald Trump is unity.

Follow me for a moment.

Popular Opinion: Reparative justice for American Descendants of Slavery for generational government-sponsored terrorism is not good for America as a whole.

Why do the majority of non-ADOS Americans feel indifference at best, and affront at worst, about the government honoring it’s debts to ADOS? What does that say about our feelings towards the life of these people?

With that debt left unpaid, there is an eerie vacuum in the swing of justice’s scales. Like it’s cosmic karmic archetype, it begs a complimentary swing in the opposite direction.

It has a been a 400 year swing here. With no swing-back of justice, just glances at surface equality based on skin color. Leaving us lacking in proper analysis.

It has been said this is in fact and deed America. At it’s very fabric.

The truth of the matter shatters that long-standing American idea though. The truth is that ADOS life does matter, and it is very important that we repair the dis-ease in the American soul. This truth will lead to reparative measures made in good faith and love. That is a great thing for our county. Ever loved someone? It’s great.

Much of the debt money is in big corporate hands, and would come from their pocketbooks. Many universities and investment/banking/insurance firms have admitted to profiting from slave-backed-capital dealing publicly. They have wealth in the billions if not trillions.

A hypothesis:

The small number of people who hold America’s largest sums of wealth, have it in their interest for Americans to be divided on this issue. Plying the race-ingrained fabric of American society. Since the creation of the idea of “whiteness” this has been relatively easy to do.

If we look at reparations as an issue of lineage, rather than race/color, we can bring down the whole concept and categorization of identity based on antiquated ideas about who we are.

But how would it work?

Check out the fore-runners of this at ados101.com

Things I have heard that make sense around the discussion.

  • Land considerations to be made. (Land allotments, like Native American reservations). This ties directly to the the Special Field order regarding 40 acres of land that was promised on payment with sweat and blood from ADOS.
  • Health and wellness considerations to be made. (Free healthcare). Lineage therapy as a distinct piece of health and wellness. Mass rape needs to be addressed. Note it’s vestiges continued up until the day of Strom Thurmond.
  • Free education. Being generationally disbarred from education was a thing; and it’s effects are further highlighted by achievement indexes for non-ADOS black Americans.

This could unify the nation.

This could dry up mass incarceration.

This could help communities be self sufficient as they have adequate healthcare for all aspects of their human being.

This can repair emotional distress amongst the American family members.

This makes us a more equal nation.

This makes the constitution hold more true.

Can you imagine?

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