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Gods In Chains – Excerpt and review commentary

Here we take a look at author Rhea Ghosh’s book about the usage of elephants in India for religious feasons. “Gods in Chains” is available on amazon here – The video includes footage from the similarly titled documentary by Sangita Iyer – Gods in shackles (movie trailer) – on amazon movies here –

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The World Peace Diet – Vegan Thought

This is probably one of the most important books currently in circulation. It easily takes it’s place amongst the leading sources of vegan thought and philosophy. Dr. Will Tuttle takes a beautifully holistic walk through humanities dietary choices. This book looks at one of the most common human activities (eating) and approachesit from spiritual, mental and physical perspectives. I found

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Little Tyke: A story about a vegetarian lion

Take a fascinating glimpse into what would probablybe called a myth ifGeorge H. Westbeauhadn’t writtenthisbook. Little Tyke is a true-to-life story about a vegetarian lion. After giving it a read I decided to make avideo excerpt and quick review. I was really touched by the realizations revealed in the excerpt. Checkout other reviews on the book Video Reading & Talk

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