8 limbs of yoga – Introduction

A one minute introduction to the 8 limbs of yoga as set out by the great sage Patanjali. This is a very brief overview to this series of explanatory videos on each of the 8 limbs. The hope is that these videos are short and easy to digest for all levels of experience. It is great to have an understanding

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Javascript and React-Native

I observed a conversation recently around The State of React-Native *opening scene* Actor#1:Knowing React native is fine. But please, also learn either Swift or Kotlin if you wish to stay relevant. Compilers/ coding suites that make separate cuts for different platforms are fads that come and go every cycle leaving you with a pile of tech debt Actor#2:Agreed. Javascript is

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Digital Prayer Beads

There is an app update available for the Mantra Count app. It is my pleasure every time I get a chance to release another version of this project. Some of the updated UI for mantra count. In case you are not familiar, this app essentially acts as a set of digital beads with virtually infinite length. If you regularly perform

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